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I decided to pursue a career in decorative art whilst still in school and since leaving have been collecting experiences, experimenting with techniques and styles until finally taking what I've learnt to build Zanshin studio.

My taste in both art and design is broad, renaissance interiors, modernist art and Japanese woodblock prints to name just a few. My interests may have started from a very young age when my mum would take me on numerous ventures to antique markets and auctions and with us we would bring back some old piece of furniture or a painting which I'm sure i did not fully appreciate at the time, but i think the seeds of interest had been sown. I've since started to amass a collection of art books which have become a main source of inspiration for me, with a cup of tea, (some podcasts) a big stack of books and a dipping pen I can begin the designing process.


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fujiko rose artist
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